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Hello from Portugal

СообщениеДобавлено: 24-11, 19:28
Hi everyone! I'm very pleased to find a forum like this, and specially with an english section, I've already read it all and learned a lot from it.
I'm a huge Kin-dza-dza! fan, but sometimes when I'm rewatching the movie I feel like I'm missing something, because I don't understand russian, and the english subtitles don't give the depth around certain jokes or expressions.
Could you explain some little details that will help me to understand better this movie? For example, I've noticed that some of the chatlanian-patsak vocabulary, use inverted words, like ecilop -> police, and patsak -> kastap (which I think it's an ukrainian insult to russians???), if anyone could explain all those to me, I would very much appreciate it.
Also the title of the movie, does it have any meaning?

Thanks in advance! :ku:

СообщениеДобавлено: 25-11, 02:59
Hi, Del!
The director did not explain the meaning of these words, but I think you are right, especially about POLICE. Perhaps, KATSAP also true suggestion (you are right about ukrainian word), but I see the second version of this word. A little boy in russian disparagingly called PATSAN (a boy), and I feel the same ironic tone of the word PATSAK. I don't know exactly, it's just guess.
Some of those words came out of the Georgian language, which is completely incomprehensible to russians :) For examle, PEPELA (პეპელა) means A BUTTERFLY (BABOCHKA in russian, which sounds more like english word, than like georgian one)). So PEPELATS means funny flying machine, in our reality - any old vehicle.
As for the movie title. The plant Coriander (KINDZA in russian) is used as a condiment. Gedevan had some coriander in his bag, and this word, as I know, amused actors of the movie like a funny meaningless song: "kin-dza, kin-dza, kin-dza-dza". Just play of sounds, like patsak's bell (tsak). Maybe this meaningless title was a "condiment" for the created images?.. Who knows! :pardon:

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Хорошо интурист говорит!

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I think, "So PEPELATS means funny flying machine, in our reality - any vehicle".

СообщениеДобавлено: 25-11, 10:26
maybe yes, but I can't imagine NEW pepelats. New, shiny, fresh from the factory, with a non-rusty tsappa :haha:

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Господин ПЖ
The new pepelatz belongs to sir Pzh only! When Pzh's pepelatz becames old and rusty, PZh sold it his servant

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без стакана не разберусь ))

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такой у меня вопрос, когда починят "упрощенную версию" форума?
по сабжу: донт верри би хеппи!

СообщениеДобавлено: 28-11, 17:39
Thanks for the replies guys!
I was able to get my hands on an amazing version of kin-dza-dza! with extras, (including an interview with Giorgi Danelia, and a dictionary a lot better than the one at the beginning of the second part of the movie), also the english subtitles are the best I've found until now, by far. Now I belive that I've a better understanding of the movie as an whole.

I've noticed that are a lot of more pant colours used by chatlians than the ones explained on the movie (yellow and crimson). Do you think those are other levels of hierarchy that the director left unexplained?

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Yes, this is a complex system of hierarchy. All of these pants are seen in the movie.
Blue pants - has himself Sir Pzh and higher chatlans.
Crimson pants - the rich people of Plyuk, owning a large number of KaTse, a mother of Sir Pzh and the smuggler with scar.
Yellow Pants - plyukanian people with KaTse. Should be done twice KU. Seen on the dwarf in the tunnel.
Purple pants - wear rich plyukanian people. Seen on the smuggler's girlfriend.
Green pants - wear plyukanian wealthy. Wore the one-handed smuggler and ecilop.

Besides, there are some pants seen in the movie but the status of their owners is unknown.
White plants - apparently, wear all other plyukans. Also appears in white trousers Sir Pzh maybe demonstrating his closeness to the people.
The orange pants - wore the ecilop with mustache and Bi also.
Black pants.
Gray pants.

PS. Господа, читаем название раздела и завязываем с чатлано-российским языком! Постим на чатлано-английском! Ну или хотя бы на плюканском. KU!